About Us

Who we are and what we do.

We are an indie company.

We create games for PC and mobile devices.

What else do you expect? We are an indie team of 2 friends!

George Tomyuk
The one who fix everything!
"What the... Why it's not working? Everything worked just a moment ago! (⇀‸↼‶)"

Denys Pogurskyi
The one who break everything!
"Hehe. I have something clicked and everything just disappeared ( ^◡^) "

Our Projects

Check our already published projects.

Freddy's Journey

A platforming game with a minimalist aesthetic and challenging gameplay that is telling us the story of the Freddy.

Protect It - The Game.

An Unity3D asset adapted to Wallpaper Engine.
Defend your planet from falling asteroids right on your desktop!
[Left click] and destroy all asteroids! Protect the planet!

Around the planet.

Ride your car around the selected planet.
Evade falling meteors and collect powerups!

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Dragonforged Clicker

A clicker game for Android devices set in sci-fi setup with spaceships and lot of space-calmars! Defeat space invaders, gather resources from the planets and upgrade your spaceship. Lead your "Dragonforged" spaceship to the glory!